If you wish to be successful in life, you would like to know what it takes to improve yourself in every crucial way. There are a lot of a self-help books and guides which will promise to change your life and make you more confident.

However, The Amazing You is the kind of self-improvement manual that promises to help you become more able with a remarkably radical improvement. Harvard-trained psychologist Marion Neubronner has come up with this guide that deals with a very intriguing concept. Let’s find out in this The Amazing You review whether it works or not.

Official Website: http://www.theamazingyou.com

Summary and Contents

marion1The Amazing You is basically a self-improvement plan program contained in an E-book. The program’s main goal is to help working professionals seeking success make the most out of their inherent intelligence and thinking skills. Compared to other self-improvement plans, this program deals with psychology.

It consists of a lucid, easy-to-follow and step-by-step guide that briefs the reader on a series of mental and psychological exercises. The common result of these exercises is that the individual seeking success in the workplace and other areas of competition will experience a sense of confident and upbeat happiness that will boost his or her way forward.

The following are some of the main exercises mentioned in this book:

  • The Strengths Inventory Sorting Game: It helps you to take stock of personal strengths for achieving confidence.
  • The REBT System: The Rational-Emotive Behaviour Therapy is a school of psychotherapy which aims to solve emotional and behavioural problems so as to create long-lasting happiness and satisfaction. The book prescribes this method as well.
  • The Integrity Mirror: This is a system that will advise you to use your mind on daily tasks with greater efficiency so as to reduce personal dissatisfaction.

These and other simple yet effective strategies are prescribed in this book.

The Benefits Of The Program

  • Unlike other self-improvement guides, The Amazing You is one that everyone can understand and relate to.
  • It is written in a lucid language and is explained in clear detail.
  • Even as some of the techniques explained are difficult to carry out, they are also innovative and refreshingly different from being predictable solutions for self-improvement.
  • The entire guide is also well-supported with drawings, illustrations, case studies and useful tips for working professionals.

A Few Cons…

  • Some of the prescribed mental exercises are innovative but can also be complex. They require all your time and effort to be committed to them.
  • Since The Amazing You is available only as an E-Book, you need to be careful since there are some false versions which can deceive you.


User reviews:

“In creating our own personality we sometimes need to look in the mirror and realize what our weaknesses are” – Says Michal Homza

“I am thankful to have worked with Marion and it has been transformational” – Says Ruth Wong

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Overall Customer Rating
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