The Art of Covert Hypnosis is a hypnotism self training program developed by Steven Peliari, a world famous master hypnotist and Chairman of the International Hypnosis Association. According to Peliari, Covert Hypnosis is a secret form of hypnosis; an art only a few master hypnotists have unearthed but one which anyone can master if they learn the concepts behind it and practice consistently. With covert hypnosis it is possible to hypnotize just about anyone. This can be done subtly and without the subject becoming aware that someone has taken control of their mind and will.

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artofcovert4What is Included in the Art of Covert Hypnosis?

The Art of Covert Hypnosis comes in the form of a 322 page study guide with 15 chapters, a series of audio files covering the same material and 6 free bonuses as extras. The eBook guide and audio files cover all the three pillars on which Steven Peliari has based his Covert Hypnosis concept on:

– Hypnosis

– NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and

– Mentalism

Here is a brief look at what each of the 15 chapters covers:

Chapter 1: Course Overview – Offers theoretical basis for covert hypnosis and provides an overall description of the features of the elements of the Art of Covert Hypnosis. The chapter also includes detailed study guidelines.

Chapter 2: Introduction to Covert Hypnosis – This chapter introduces the three features of Peliari’s Covert Hypnosis. The chapter then strives to unite the 3 fields into a comprehensive field and explores the possibilities.

Chapter 3: A Journey into Hypnosis – The chapter covers theories on the mind, the principle of suggestion, trance tastes and self hypnosis.

Chapter 4: Hetero Hypnosis – The chapter explores the real of post-hypnotic suggestion, instant hypnotic induction and Ericksonian Hypnosis.

Chapter 5: A Journey Into NLP – Peliari gives an in-depth coverage of the concept of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and how it relates to covert hypnosis. The chapter closes with an examination of rapport and anchoring principles.

Chapter 6: Exploring Representational Systems – This chapter deals with the psychological theory of representational systems. It offers some special formulations by Peliari including what he calls “Eye-Cues” and “sub-Modalities”.

Chapter 7: A Journey Into Mentalism – The author offers an in-depth study on the art of deception called Mentalism. He supplements this knowledge with other topics like what he refers to as “Sleight of Mind” and “Misdirection”.

Chapter 8: Exploring The Art of Reading – The author guides you through a variety of psychic reading techniques classified as Cold Reading, Warm Reading, Hot Reading and the “Win-Win Game”.

Chapter 9: Hypnotic Tonality – Peliari introduces what he calls Tonality. This has to do with infusing your voice and non-verbal cues with a series of psychological triggers which bend others to your will. He also teaches how to ensure Tonality is consistent over time and from one subject to another.

Chapter 10: Personality Types & Suggestion – This chapter takes a closer look at the variety of personality types with a unique take on what each type implies when it comes to covert hypnosis.

Chapter 11: Mass Hypnosis – In this chapter, Mass hypnosis is covered to great detail. The author covers the concept of crowd mentality, how to establish authority with a crowd and how to apply mass suggestion.

Chapter 12: Instant Rapport – As the chapter heading implies, this section of the course is all about establishing instant and effective rapport with anyone you’d like to hypnotize and influence. Learn special tricks to enter into the confidence of anyone, including a total stranger, and make them bend to your will.

Chapter 13: The Illusion of Supernatural Phenomena – Learn the secrets behind the illusions and phenomena projected by such people as psychics, mediums, tarot readers and even televangelists.

Chapter 14: Body Language Mastery – Learn how to read and interpret subtle non-verbal cues given by people you are talking with. Learn how to use these cues to learn secrets about them and discern even more than they say or do with uncanny accuracy.

Chapter 15: Exploring Covert Hypnosis – This chapter is all about taking your new knowledge and skills to the next level. The chapter covers the latest and most effective methods of instant induction. You also learn how to guard against being discovered after or during covert hypnosis.


What I Like About the Art of Covert Hypnosis

1. Includes a logically identified study guide showing you how to study the art even as a beginner

2. Available in both eBook and audio-book format

3. Covers both the theoretical basis for hypnosis and the practical elements

4. Sale backed by a money-back guarantee

What Can be Improved About the Art of Covert Hypnosis

This program can be made even more effective if there were videos or at least audio files representing actual covert hypnosis sessions. The author could also have made the offer even more credible by offering the user some scripts used to perform some of the more subtle tricks covered in the course.

User reviews:

“Your course would’ve shortened my learning curve considerably if it had been available years ago.” – Says J F McCaffrey, MD

“I guarantee you – this course is going to change the way you think and perceive people, reality, and yourself.” – Says Hristo Itchov

Bonus: Immortology Hypnosis Series


If you order the Art of Covert Hypnosis program through my link, I will give you one of my meditations as a bonus gift! Just choose which one you want out of the 9 guided meditations. Each meditation is about 1 hour long, and has a value of $11.11. How to claim your gift:

  1. Order the Art of Covert Hypnosis program below
  2. Choose one audio from the Immortology Hypnosis Series
  3. Contact me with your Clickbank order number


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