Dr. Steve G Jones has outlined a comprehensive curriculum for Past Life Regression, or PLR, therapy. In this course, he outlines the entire process of leading a client through PLR safely and helping that client interpret their findings. This course can also be used for a therapist to perform self-treatment.

Official Website: http://plrcertified.com

plr2What Is The Basic Past Life Regression Certification Course All About?

Dr. Jones’ course covers the entire process of past life regression, first clearing up some misconceptions about PLR therapy. The doctor goes into detail on explaining the process in scientific terms, removing misconceptions and mystical thinking from the process.

From there, the Basic Past Life Regression Certification Course discusses leading a student to help a client for the entire process as well as helping the student understand and convey PLR therapy’s value and its place in therapy. Several general topics are discussed on helping prospective clients appreciate the value of PLR therapy and vetting the client as a good candidate.

Not everyone benefits from these techniques, and if alternative methods are needed, this course can identify those needs and help redirect the client to get the help they need, whether through medication or other techniques. PLR therapy is just a tool, and Dr. Jones insists that it is used judiciously.


Once a candidate is identified and vetted by the therapist according to the steps given in the course, the next step is to prepare for the process with the client. This discussion helps sets the stage for PLR therapy with specific scripts and tools to set the stage. A key element is helping hypnotherapists understand their role in the process and being prepared for emotions and memories that are uncovered.

Doctor Steve then goes into the gritty details. As he explains, hypnotically inducing the patient into the correct Alpha state is done only after making sure the client is prepared. Most patients approach PLR therapy with the wrong mindset and care must be taken to adjust these negative feelings. The good doctor has provided scripts to help address this need. Only then can hypnotic induction be performed with maximum effectiveness.

The hypnotic induction process is discussed in detail. PLR therapy is a delicate undertaking, and the doctor has provided several scripts and key questions to uncover answers. These questions have been crafted through years of training and practice to help uncover the patient’s memories without instituting false bias or misinformation by the therapist. Leading the patient safely out of hypnosis is also covered.


After the PLR session, the real work begins. The course more than pays for itself by helping the therapist lead the patient through the process of interpretation. Dr. Jones outlines the three imaginative types of patients and exactly how to interpret their perceptions and memories.

For hypnotists and students who have already graduated from one of Dr. Jones course, there is an online certification test, accredited under the auspices of the American Alliance of Hypnotists, available to advance your careers. The Basic Past Life Regression Certification Course is designed specifically for performing PLR as a hypnotherapist.

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