You are not a separate island of energy, your energy body is dynamically interacting with its environment energetically all the time. You breathe to let the air refresh, you drink to let the water renew, and you eat to let the food supply replenish in your body. The same way, your system needs a constant renewal of bioenergy. Your system needs to breathe out used energy, and change it for vitalized prana.

Certain energy centers called chakras regulate all bodily processes on a higher level. They are strongly correlated with the immune system, the functioning of organs, the biorhythm, and even thoughts and emotions. If the flow of energy is disturbed in the etheric body, the physical body will be disturbed, as well. A chakra can either be normal, congested or depleted. In both cases, the flow of energy is in disturbance, and the whole system is functioning on a sub-optimal level.

How do you balance the chakras? I learned about chakras with a Master Energy Healer in India for a month one-on-one. What he taught me is in alignment with the following guide I would like to show you.

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What is The Chakra Activation System?box

The Chakra Activation System was created by Stephanie Mulac, an author, speaker, and life coach. It is an excellent and comprehensive program for understanding and balancing your chakras. The author shares some wonderful techniques that help people get control of their lives by controlling their energy centers. The exercises can also support physical healing.

What Are Chakras Exactly?

If we drew a parallel to the physical body, the aura would be the skin on the energy body. The so-called chakras or wheels would be the organs that move the energy in and out. When a chakra receives energy, it spins in one direction, and changes its direction when it releases it. Chakras are energy centers on the energy body, and they function like receivers and transformers of the various forms of prana.

Our body contains seven chakras that are located along the backbone. Here is a list of seven chakras that are included in this guide. They are as follows:

Root Chakra:

This is the chakra which is located at the base of the spine. It is responsible for grounding and survival. When this chakra gets imbalanced, you may face some financial difficulties in your life.

Sacral Chakra:

This chakra is located in the lower abdomen. As soon as you open the chakra, you will feel full of energy throughout the entire day. When this chakra is balanced, you are able to make right friends and partners in your life.

Solar Plexus chakra:

ChakramanThis is the chakra that offers enough power to drive all other chakras in your body so that you can live a healthy life as possible. It is responsible for strength, energy levels and digestion.

Heart Chakra:

This is the chakra that gives the capability to feel love, empathy, as well as compassion. It also has a healing and balancing energy.

Throat Chakra:

This chakra is responsible for self-expression. When this chakra gets balanced, your voice will be heard by everyone and you may feel you are having a great power.

Third Eye Chakra:

This is the chakra that is located on the forehead and gives you vision and wisdom. Moreover, it helps you make big decisions in your life with the power of intuition.

Crown Chakra:

This is the chakra that is located on the top of your head and it directly connects you to “The Source”.

What is Included in This Program?

The backbone of the Chakra Activation System is a 47 page ebook. It is short, but comprehensive, and it contains many useful exercises. You will find the following topics inside:

  • What are chakras?
  • The importance of balance and healing
  • Identifying and diagnosing a clogged chakra
  • Methods of balancing and healing the chakras
  • Color therapy
  • Chakra mantras
  • Boosting the chakras
  • Chakra healing exercises
  • Strengthening and maintaining chakra balance

The Chakra Activation System includes the following bonuses:

  • The 7 Yoga Positions That Heal and Tune Your Chakras
  • Chakra Rainbow Meditation Audio
  • The Chakra Money Meditation

Pros and cons:

Life has both success and failure. Likewise, this system also has some positives and negatives. Some of the pros and cons that I experienced in the Chakra Activation System are as follows.


  • It helps you to achieve your goals and makes you feel comfortable both physically and mentally through balancing the chakras.
  • The methods explained in this book can make you feel the sense of wholeness and satisfaction.
  • The methods and techniques are explained in a simple manner so that anyone can understand the language and the methods are easy to follow.
  • This system is comprehensive, and includes most aspects of chakra healing, starting from theory to practice.


  • The Chakra Activation System is quite short, and is available only as a PDF.
  • If you get stuck in energy work, you will need the help of an experienced energy healer.
  • You cannot see results overnight. Be prepared to commit to balancing your energy system, and keep it in balance continously.

What readers are saying about “Chakra Activation System”?

“After I lost my job and my girlfriend in the same week, I decided to use Stephanie’s system to align my chakras” – Says Robso

“I found my fiancé within 8 hours of balancing my chakras with this specific system! I’m in love!” – Says Hillary

Refund option:

Chakra Activation system includes a 60-day return period, so if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you can get a refund at any time.

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Stephanie Mulac’s Chakra Activation System is a short but comprehensive course that completely tells you what the chakras are, and how to balance and heal them. The program is full of useful exercises, and you will surely get rewarded if you practice them.