Design Your Perfect Life is a new life transforming training program based on visualization techniques. It is a classic psychological training program targeted at the inherent potential of the subconscious and the unconscious. The methods it promotes are intended to help individuals reprogram their minds and relentlessly follow up on their dreams and aspirations.

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design2Meet the Author of Design your Perfect Life

This program is brought to you by Lily Jensen, a certified energy healer, master life coach and spiritual entrepreneur. Design your perfect Life is the brainchild of Dr. Denis Waitley, a motivational speaker and best-selling author. Other than this particular program, Dr. Waitley has designed other motivational projects especially demonstrating the potential of harnessing the power of the subconscious.

He has also written a number of best-selling self help books, including one synonymously named with this self training program. Other notable publications by Dr. Waitley include “The Psychology of Winning” and “Seeds of Greatness: The Ten Best-Kept Secrets of Total Success”.

What is Visualization?

Visualization is a motivational technique for helping individuals intuitively connect with the latent potential of their unconscious and subconscious minds. Proponents of visualization, many of them oriental mysticism gurus, posit that people are usually unhappy because they are unable to visualize at all or strongly enough the things they want. Some may be able to visualize but they lack the willpower and creative ability to bring to fruition their ideals and goals.

Visualization has some roots in eastern mysticism including Hindusim and Buddhism. They are especially based on the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda, a prominent Indian yogi and guru who introduced millions of westerners to the teachings of meditation and Kriya Yoga through his book, Autobiography of a Yogi. Yogananda taught that if one visualizes a spiritual man and then deeply meditates on his character and mentality, it was possible to attract his spiritual magnetism and become as enlightened as him.

design1What is Contained in the Design your Perfect Life Course?

Design Your Perfect Life is a seven week visualization course. The eBook guide includes a comprehensive series of daily exercises to help you reshape your mind and make achievement of goals second nature. The lessons are however independent and flexible. They are compartmentalized to the most pertinent issues in life such as careers, relationships, health and fitness. You can opt to go straight to the set of exercises targeted at the area of life you need help with.

Free Bonuses

Other than the central Design your Perfect Life eBook, buyers also get a set of three free bonuses.

Bonus #1: 7-day Visualization Course
This is essentially a boot-camp course for those new to the technique of visualization. It is the essential guide on how to begin reprogramming your subconscious using principles of visualization.

Bonus #2: BIG Book of Inspiring Quotes
This is a comprehensive collection of inspirational quotes carefully selected to include those which are primarily intended to inspire to action. Use it as a supplementary resource when you find the task of achieving your visualized goals too challenging.

Bonus #3: Motivational Posters
This is a set of 14 ready-to-print full color motivational posters. Set against serene and epic backgrounds, the posters have powerful messages intended to spur you on as you embark on the path to success. Select the most inspirational of the posters, have them printed and display them at strategic points so you can draw motivation during your workday.

What I like About Design Your Perfect Life

These are the elements of Design your Perfect Life course I find useful.

1. Full of actionable exercises

2. Easy to track your progress

3. Flexible schedule to enable you focus on the most needful areas of your life

4. One guide covers all the lessons you need to go through

5. Money back guarantee

My Misgivings About Design Your Perfect Life

There are a couple of features of this program which could be improved to make it more effective. They include:

1. More personal experience examples

2. The visualization technique, while not exactly a dud, is not a revolutionary idea. There are more life transforming ideas based on latest cutting edge psychological research.

User reviews:

“All the information given is powerful, and works. Anyone can do it!” – Says Anthony

“If you want to create positive change in your life, complete this course.” – Says Olivia

Bonus: Immortology Hypnosis Series


If you order the Design Your Perfect Life program through my link, I will give you one of my meditations as a bonus gift! Just choose which one you want out of the 9 guided meditations. Each meditation is about 1 hour long, and has a value of $11.11. How to claim your gift:

  1. Order the Design Your Perfect Life program below
  2. Choose one audio from the Immortology Hypnosis Series
  3. Contact me with your Clickbank order number


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