In my ongoing series with product creators, the next one is Carolyn Hansen, the creator of the Journey of The Soul System. You can read my review here, and you can purchase it here. She has gained a reputation online as an authority on health, exercise and weight loss matters and is the author of several thousand health and fitness articles along with eBooks and programs. Let’s hear what she has to say about herself!

So for anyone who doesn’t know you, who are you and what are you all about?

I am a fitness professional and gym owner who has now taken my 30 plus years of experience online to create a successful business. I am a noted Holistic Health and Wellness Coach who hails from Whangarei, New Zealand where I own an Anytime Fitness Gym.

My main goal is to change the paradigm of healthcare from sickness care to wellness care and will be showing people how to live longer, healthier lives while avoiding the many mistaken beliefs and practices that diminish health
and longevity.

You can see my main website here:

How did you get started in spirituality, and what was your first experience?

I’ve found that one of the greatest unknown benefits of exercise is that it forces fear to have less of a grip on our minds and hearts. Exercise almost acts as a protection agency that blocks the dark intruders from tormenting our soul.

Exercise used as a method in expanding consciousness is perhaps one of the most fundamental health secrets of the 21st century. The endorphins that flood our brain create the most authentic sensations of gratitude and appreciation for the simple things we have once over looked.

What is it that you think is wrong with spirituality today?

I don’t really understand the “woo woo” side of spirituality as it sometimes seems to involve passive things that do not require taking action. I call it the “sit on the couch and wait for miracles to happen” brigade and I don’t believe in that. Every day I get emails from people who are sick and want to get better yet seem to be waiting for some miracle to suddenly happen.

If you had to give one piece of advice to a newcomer in spirituality, what would it be?

Get and stay active for life.

What is your flagship spiritual product, and how did it come into being?

You can see all of my products on my main site:

I have my first physical product almost on Amazon: I wanted something portable that people can use at home.

Should be available within a week from now. Just being packed ready to go into the store.

You can see the draft of the product here:

You can download The Journey of The Soul System Here

I hope you enjoyed this interview with Carolyn Hansen. If you don’t just want to stay fit, but also use exercise for spirituality, then I highly recommend her.