I am following my interview series with product creators with Dr. Joe Rubino, the founder of the Center for Personal Reinvention, and the author of many self-help courses including the Ultimate Self Esteem Formula. You can read my review here, and you can purchase it here. He is a self-made millionaire with a wealth of knowledge, and an expert in increasing self-esteem. Let’s hear what he has to say about himself and his product!

So for anyone who doesn’t know you, who are you and what are you all about?

We at the CenterForPersonalReinvention.com champion people to live their best lives through elevating self-esteem and designing their lives in choice. My vision is to impact the lives of 20 million adults and 20 million children.

How did you get started in spirituality, and what was your first experience?

I lived the first 35 years of my life as an extreme introvert, resigned to the “fact” (which I made up) that I had few skills and gifts, was socially challenged, and did not belong. I had made up that people were mean and cruel and the world was a dangerous place (after a bullying episode at age 5) and had decided to protect myself by detaching from people and playing small.

I reinvented my life at age 36 through a rigorous personal development program where I learned to heal my past, properly assess the present and live an inspired life based on a declaration about the qualities that I decided to become. I now teach others these same life-transforming skills via certification programs in self-esteem elevation, life and relationship coaching, abundance and business coaching, and other inspired programs. I learned that spirituality is a core component of living an inspired life of contribution to others and for managing our own petty concerns.

Often friends and family don’t really ‘get’ this whole spirituality thing or take it seriously, how do yours feel about it and how did they react when you first told them about it?

My friends and family witnessed my own personal reinvention and embracing of spirituality and it made a believer out of them. They fully support my work and see it as life-impacting and sourced by spirit.

If you had to give one piece of advice to a newcomer in spirituality, what would it be?

Get in touch with your core values and decide to live in choice while honoring them. Meditate and seek the sort of centeredness and peace that allows you to fully connect with spirit. Create a master game to play that is consistent with your declared life purpose to give back and contribute to others. Decide to manage your emotional reactive state and create empowering interpretations moment by moment to champion your own life and the lives of others. Tap into your intuition which is always there and supported by your higher self to guide you to greatness.

What is your flagship spiritual product, and how did it come into being?

www.highselfesteemkids.com and www.highselfesteemadults.com these are certification programs I created to teach people the skills to elevate self-esteem and live a life of no regrets. They came into being out of my commitment to duplicate my teachings to impact the lives of at least 20 million adults and 20 million children and thereby transform the energy and culture of the world’s people as one of empowerment, self-belief, contribution and positive expectation – all based in love.

You can download the Self Esteem Formula here

I hope you enjoyed this interview with Dr. Joe Rubino. If you want to increase your self-esteem quickly, easily and in a proven way that worked for thousands of others, then I highly recommend his courses.