The next interview in my series is with Jason Mangrum, the man behind the UBERMAN book, and the mastermind behind the Enlightened Millionaire Mastermind. You can read my review here, and you can purchase it here. Based on our recent conversations, he truly understands what it takes to be successful not only financially, but spiritually too. Besides, he is a ninja just like me!

So for anyone who doesn’t know you, who are you and what are you all about?

A: My name is Jason Mangrum. I’ve been doing business online for over 17 years in both the business and personal development markets. During that time, I’ve helped several entrepreneurs make 7-figures or more in their business, and have put together a team called the “Enlightened Millionaire Mastermind” to assist in the monumental goal of creating 1,000 six-figure inspired warriors and 100 enlightened millionaires within the next 36 months.

As you can imagine, this is no small task.

But through modeling, systems, specific execution plans and processes we believe it is more than possible. Most people have a tendency to over-complicate things and this eventually causes a debilitating sense of overwhelm. Our main strategy is based off of a formula that I’ve developed which practically forces every action taken, every strategy implemented and every method employed to be as simple as possible.

The formula is F=(LxS)+I-T. This is the formula for freedom. If every step is filtered through this formula, then each action taken to accomplish any goal must be as simple as possible to achieve. This removes the sense of overwhelm and instead replaces it with constant, incremental improvement. Along the journey we’ve discovered that just about any business venture can be turned into a success, even if it begins as a dismal failure. The most important thing is to “ready, fire, aim” and get it out there as quickly as possible. Then using the principle of constant incremental improvement, several changes can be made over time via A/B split-testing which can and does scientifically and mathematically create higher conversions, which means more actions taken (leads/sales/responses) from the same amount of traffic.

And since business development is essentially a numbers game, within a short time any project can become successful. So while focusing on business development is important, we’ve also noticed there is a whole other side to creating a success story. And that lies within the realm of self development. The sad but true fact is that most people simply get in their own way of success. They come into a project, goal or vision with tons of ‘baggage’ that mostly remains just under their conscious radar.

These include fears of failure, of “lack” consciousness, of self-defeating thought programming, not being ‘good enough’, not knowing the rights steps to take, feeling lost, jumping around from shiny object to shiny object, falling for false promises over and over again… having too much “out there” to choose one path or direction and run with it… All this causes a great sense of overwhelm, feeling lost and eventually all this turns into stagnation. But through identifying these subtle fears and unconscious processes within the subconscious and addressing them, one may find that the energy bound to these ideas simply cease to exist. And this alone can provide tremendous benefits towards gaining a much clearer vision of the goal, and the simplest possible path to get from where one is, to where they want to be, in the shortest time possible.

The formula for freedom is:
Freedom = (Leverage x Synergy) + Integration – Time
F = (LxS) + I -T

In everything you do, if you run it through this formula as a filter, you can’t help but to discover the “Occam’s razor” approach to accomplishing that task, step or goal.

You do this by essentially asking yourself a few questions about what you are trying to accomplish…

Questions like:

1. How can I use leverage to accomplish this goal? (modeling existing systems and processes)
2. How can I synergize what’s already out there with what I’m doing? (make it unique and your own)
3. How can this task be integrated into the overall picture? (create a process as part of the system)
4. How can I save more time while accomplishing this task? (outsourcing, hiring a VA, automation, etc)

Of course our EMM training goes much more into detail with this but this is the overall idea. And when combined with proper subconscious reprogramming and a little “magic” through specific energetic techniques that rewire the brain and thought process itself to achieve harmonic resonance with emotional intelligence, then there is nothing else standing in the way of obtaining just about any goal, personally or professionally. This is how super hero ninja warriors are created, who can overcome any obstacle and generate the highest levels of success in the shortest time possible.

And that’s what we’re all about. 🙂

How did you get started in spirituality, and what was your first experience?

A: I’ve been fascinated with spirituality all my life, in every flavor. Along the journey I’ve met and become friends with some truly amazing people and through their knowledge and mentorship have obtained some truly amazing spiritual experiences.

The first experience was what I could only call an angelic communication or vision at the time. I was seven. To summarize I was shown a mountain and on top of that mountain every aspect of the human race stood in line on all sides going all the way down this mountain and vanishing into the cloudy covering. In the center sat an old man in a full lotus position and the people from all around him were suffering, waiting in these vast lines to approach the man… who would look at them and move his hands in a certain way… and heal them. They would give gestures of gratitude and then turn around and disappear into the clouds. Suddenly I was seeing from above the mountain and through the eyes of this old man at the same time.

One by one, the people would approach the man and after a few seconds the pain on their faces would vanish and be replaced by relief and happiness. From the perspective above, an archangelic bright white presence floated beside me. I could feel the warmth of the radiating light as it vibrated with power. After a few moments of observing this strange vision from both above and below simultaneously, the strong presence says, “This is what you are here to do… to increase the quality of life for everyone who crosses your path.”

Then the radiating bright light beside me explodes into a blinding illumination and then I feel my bed underneath me. I was sitting straight up with my eyes open.

It was an experience I’ll never forget.

Often friends and family don’t really ‘get’ this whole spirituality thing or take it seriously, how do yours feel about it and how did they react when you first told them about it?

I grew up in a strict religious home. We went to church every Sunday and Wednesday. We attended all the get-togethers and special ‘fellowship’ events. Bible study was a must and there was no other truth, but the truth. No question. But I had questions. I just couldn’t believe something because it was written and a bunch of people agreed that it was the only truth that could possibly exist and anything else is not just impossible… but evil. The whole world felt so small. By the age of 12-13 I was determined to explore all other possibilities and believe nothing but direct experience and measurable results that might help to expand my world-view. It did much more than that. I’ve admittedly taken it ‘too far’ and explored the deepest, darkest secrets of most spiritual traditions on both sides of the spectrum during my travels and through those experiences have developed a whole different understanding of reality, metaphysics, attraction, magic and much more. My parents never knew. I was a ninja.

If you had to give one piece of advice to a newcomer in spirituality, what would it be?

To believe is to deceive oneself. No matter what experience you have, it is subjective. It’s only your observation, and painted by your perspective. Another person sharing that same experience may have a completely different interpretation of what they are experiencing. This is how reality is an illusion. We can only see it through our filters and neural connections fused with concepts and memories which support or reinforce how we think and feel about what we are observing. There is the observation. And then there are the layers upon layers of extraneous information we encode from memories and concepts we have linked together mentally and emotionally. That is the illusion. Beyond the veil is pure experience. So enlightenment isn’t something you can obtain, it’s what remains when you have removed everything else.

What is your flagship spiritual product, and how did it come into being?

I have written a few books, one of which has been resold for over eleven hundred dollars on Amazon. It’s called “UBERMAN” and it’s about an 11-year documented study I conducted on direct techniques that obtained specific results within the realm of obtaining one’s full potential by unlocking the mysterious powers of the mind. I’ve recently just released the 2nd Edition of this book with new techniques, resources and updates. What is featured inside the book can be difficult to grasp, but it allows you to demonstrate for yourself how to do things some may consider ‘superhuman’ to achieve one’s fullest potential for success, wealth, health and prosperity.

Many things Western society says is ‘impossible’ has been practiced as a way of life in the East since ancient times. This includes instant healing, manipulation of consciousness (or “mind hacking”), manifesting money. banishing unwanted energies, feelings, thoughts, memories and beliefs which no longer support you while reprogramming your consciousness for success, happiness, achievement and much, much more. You can learn all about it at

Our higher level training is the Enlightened Millionaire Mastermind Levels 1-4 ($3,000-$25,000). To assist with financial income goals and business development we offer an automated system which delivers affiliate commissions from top selling digital courses in the self development market. Through this system we’ve generated $150,795.67 from selling these courses online and we’re letting our members copy our exact system. Our members love it because it gives them the ability to create extra income while helping improve people’s lives on multiple levels. It’s only for serious entrepreneurs with a strong vision and sense of motivation to accelerate their achievement.

To learn more about that, you can visit