I am following my interview series with product creators with Ric Thompson, the founder of the Healthy Wealthy nWise magazine, and the author of many other courses and products including the Power Quadrant System. You can read my review here, and you can purchase it here. He is a serial entrepreneur and internet visionary with an interest in the esoteric. Let’s hear what he has to say about himself and his product!

So for anyone who doesn’t know you, who are you and what are you all about?

I’m an entrepreneur, father of two and husband of over 25 years. Personally I’m all about exploring. From exploring “lost knowledge” and different ways at looking at the world to exploring things like good food and wine.

How did you get started in spirituality, and what was your first experience?

Wow, tough question. I had been exposed to things like astrology as a kid from my Mom but it wasn’t anything deep or real significant, just something fun to mess around with. As I’ve gotten older various life experiences have led me to explore things more and more.

Often friends and family don’t really ‘get’ this whole spirituality thing or take it seriously, how do yours feel about it and how did they react when you first told them about it?

So… I don’t talk about it with them. I’m not here to create new believers or be some kind of missionary. If things come up in casual conversation I explore to see what they believe in and what they’re interested in. If it never comes up, it never comes up. There are so many people in this world that DO have an interest in some of the things I do that it’s just not an issue for me if all my friends or family do.

Also keep in mind that I’m an entrepreneur – so my entire life is like one huge topic that most people don’t understand so me being into “woo woo” things isn’t really any different for me. For anyone who DOES struggle with this, I’d just suggest to add new friends. There’s not a limit on how many friends you can have and so what if not all your friends share all the things you believe in or are interested in – that would be boring anyway.

If you had to give one piece of advice to a newcomer in spirituality, what would it be?

Explore. Search. Be open minded. It’s ok if you don’t resonate with it all, just don’t shut something out because it’s a little different. Who knows where you might find some ideas or concepts that alter your thinking or provide some enlightenment right?

What is your flagship spiritual product, and how did it come into being?

I’ve actually got several products that I consider “core” or “flagship”. You see, in my explorations I’ve found out so many things that most people aren’t aware or don’t talk about that it’s become something where when I’ve learned enough to really make an impact on people’s lives, I will create another product and I don’t rank one above the other since they’re all so different.

However, my FIRST real spiritual product is the Power Quadrant System – and I’m not even sure you’d consider it “spiritual”. It’s almost more “practical”. Here’s what I mean…. Years ago my wife went to a retreat with some friends and colleagues. There she was introduced to the basics of the Calendar of the Maya and a system called DreamSpell based on those concepts. Let’s just say it really caught our attention because the more we understood it, the more we could see how it correctly explained things around us.

We started drawing more and more connections between what we learned and the world around us. And best of all – it improved our lives on a normal day to day basis. From our relationship with each other to how we dealt with other people in our lives (including business partners and clients). It led us to get far more clear on what we were good at (and not good at) and even cooler – why. I could go on and on here but making a long story short, we weren’t seeing anyone talk about this. To the best of our knowledge we have re-discovered lost connections and knowledge that were of powerful and “practical” use.

So I put the most useful bits all together into a course and there you have the Power Quadrant System. Just be aware that it’s not a “course” in the normal meaning of the world. Instead it’s literally going to change the way you look at the world, the people around you and yourself in a whole new way. A way that can impact and improve what you do, how you do it and who you do it with.

I know that’s a big statement but as our understanding grew to the point where we saw how much it was making our lives better, we started sharing bits of it with others. And the impact it had with others just reinforced what we had experienced with this new knowledge. That’s when it became time to put it all into a product and start getting it out to the world. Now, I can’t guarantee it will change anyone’s life, all I can say is that it has absolutely led to improvements in my life – in pretty much all areas of life. I simply invite others to try to it too.

You can download the Power Quadrant System here