“Lie down comfortably on your bed or on the floor, your feet stretched out, and your hands placed comfortably next to your body. Focus your eyes on any point or spot on the ceiling.” You may hear these instructions very often from me in each of my hypnosis recordings. This is a common guidance that many hypnotherapists use.

But what if there was a way to hypnotize people without them even realizing it? And what if you could learn it? Both of these are actually possible, and in this review I will review the most comprehensive course created on this topic.

The first kind of hypnosis know to most people is called directional hypnosis. However, some people do not respond well to it, because they don’t like to be told what to do. To tackle this problem, a famous hypnotherapist called Milton Erickson developed an alternative method called conversational hypnosis.

One of his best students, Igor Ledochowski took this knowledge, and made it even better. After 10 years of research and practice, he came up with a step-by-step system to let everybody learn these secret methods from home. This is the system I would like to speak about today, namely The Power of Conversational Hypnosis.

Official Website: http://conversational-hypnosis.com

Review Summary:

This review is broken into three main parts:What is the Power of Conversational hypnosis

  1. The basics that cover what “The Power of Conversational Hypnosis” is and what is included in this course.
  2. The pros and cons section describes the most important advantages and disadvantages.
  3. The conclusion section summarizes my thoughts about this program

What is the Power of Conversational Hypnosis?

This powerful course was created by Igor Ledochowski, a certified master hypnotist and trainer with decades of experience in his field. He meticulosuly studied for 10 years the works of the founder of conversational hypnosis, Dr. Milton H. Erickson, MD, Ph.D. From his findings, he developed his own method called covert hypnosis, which can be used in a normal waking state during everyday conversation.

What does it offer you?

  • This program gives you the power to hypnotize others to do exactly what you want from them.
  • It tells you how to quickly read the minds of other people.
  • It uncovers the secrets of getting people to follow your suggestions without giving it a second thought.
  • It teaches you the tricks of changing another person’s behavior and getting them to act now on your specific commands.
  • It tells you about a method of altering a person’s mind on the spot.
  • It teaches you how to create a hypnotic induction in all daily situations.
  • It tells you the most common mistakes that you should try to avoid while hypnotizing other people.
  • It gives you the four most persuasive words in the English lexicon and it tells you how to create rapport with it.
  • It even teaches you how to make people forget arguments that they have had with you in the past.

Overview of “The power of Conversational HypnosisOverview of “The Power of Conversational Hypnosis”:

This course contains 12 juicy sections, and I must say that the author really spills the beans. Each section deals with different techniques, and even the most experienced hypnotist will find some new gems here.

This is one of the most comprehensive hypnosis programs out there, you will literally spend days just going through everything. However, everyone can learn these techniques and use in their day-to-day life to achieve success and mastery. This home study course includes the following material:

  • The Power of Conversational Hypnosis Ebook (631 Pages)
  • The Power of Conversational Hypnosis Mp3 Audio (1 hour 8 mins)
  • Beyond Rapport & Signal Recognition Systems Mp3 Audio (1 hour 19 mins)
  • Hypnotic Language Foundations Mp3 Audio (1 hour 7 mins)
  • The Authority Strategy – Tactics To Ensure Success Mp3 Audio (1 hour 14 mins)
  • Emotional Triggers: Controlling Inner Pictures And Feelings Mp3 Audio (1 hour 11 mins)
  • Advanced Hypnotic Language Mp3 Audio (1 hour 7 mins)
  • How To Destroy Resistance With Stories Mp3 Audio (1 hour 11 mins)
  • How To Deal Directly With The Unconscious Mind Mp3 Audio (1 hour 14 mins)
  • How To Destroy Resistance With Stories Part 2 Mp3 Audio (1 hour 1 min)
  • Advanced Frame Control – How To Lead Any Interaction Mp3 Audio (1 hour 2 mins)
  • Conversational Trance Formulas – Getting What You Want Mp3 Audio (1 hour 10 mins)
  • How To Master Conversational Hypnosis Mp3 Audio (57 mins)
  • How To Master Conversational Hypnosis Cheat Sheets (4 Pages)
  • How To Destroy Resistance with Storytelling Cheat Sheet (1 Page)

Free bonuses:

Does this program offer any free bonuses? This might be the next question that comes to your mind. Yes, in fact, not one but four different bonuses are included in the course:

  • Stealth Tactics Proven to Boost Your Powers of Influence
  • Conversational Hypnosis in Action – The Super Hypnotic Storyteller
  • Top Secret – Breaking the Hypnotic Storyteller Code
  • Advanced Secrets To Melting Conscious Resistance And Implanting Hypnotic Suggestions

Plus points:

  • Probably the most comprehensive course on the subject.
  • Even advanced hypnotherapists can learn new techniques from this.
  • The methods are very effective and powerful in their nature.

Minus points:

  • This course can be too overwhelming for beginners due to its sheer volume.
  • You will need quite some time and effort to learn and practice these techniques.
  • In the wrongs hands, this knowledge can be abused against others.

Money-back guarantee:

If you’re unsatisfied with this course for any reason, the author will return your money for 60 days without any questions asked.
User reviews:

“I didn’t believe this material would be that good, but it turns out to be a breathtaking course on using hypnosis in everyday conversation.” – Says Joe Vitale

“I found myself quickly putting people into hypnotic trances” – Says Marc van der Linden

Bonus: Immortology Hypnosis Series


If you order the Power of Conversational Hypnosis program through my link, I will give you one of my meditations as a bonus gift! Just choose which one you want out of the 9 guided meditations. Each meditation is about 1 hour long, and has a value of $11.11. How to claim your gift:

  1. Order the Power of Conversational Hypnosis program below
  2. Choose one audio from the Immortology Hypnosis Series
  3. Contact me with your Clickbank order number


This is an advanced course about an advanced technique. But if you have the time and dedication to stick to it, you will be able to learn some things that nobody else knows, and you will be able to achieve seemingly magical feats. You must get this if you are serious about learning hypnosis.


Overall Rating
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