It’s not every day you have a chance to learn simple skills that can change your life in wonderful ways you never imagined. What makes this possibility even more exciting is that all you need to know to begin this transformation …is your birthdate. This is why I am so excited to share with you a revealing new book titled, The Secret of Numbers, written by two exceptional colleagues of mine, Monika Ben Thabetova and Andrea Tonello.

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Monika-290Who Are The Authors of This Book?

Monika Ben Thabetova is widely renowned for her expertise in interpreting an ancient and closely-guarded powerful instrument: numbers. Monika’s The Secret of Numbers book and coaching programs are based on a scientific practice that her mother passed down to her when she was only fifteen. Over the past several years, she’s tapped into the power of numbers to help thousands of people reach their ultimate consciousness, and make the quantum passage to a brighter awakening.

Andrea Tonello is the founder of a successful Italian corporate law firm. Since 2016, he has collaborated with Monika Ben Thabetova to spread The Secret of Numbers message throughout the world. Along with Monika, Andrea also takes courses on personal and spiritual growth for people who are committed to achieving a higher level of consciousness, inner harmony and peace.

What Is This Book All About?

In this eye-opening new book, Monika and Andrea reveal the tremendous power hidden within the numbers that comprise your birthdate.

This power is so self-enlightening, governments and institutions throughout the world have continually mocked its importance to keep people “in line” and disempower them.

Step by step, you’ll learn exactly how to chart, map and interpret the messages hidden in your birthdate numbers. All you need to unlock this magnificent flow of vibrant new energy is a pen, a piece of paper …and a birthdate.


When you order The Secret of Numbers, you’ll receive a FREE download of Monika Ben Thabetova’s companion eBook, The Secret of Numbers: What Does It Say About You, Your Day of Birth.

The day of the month on which you were born has a definite meaning for you and your life. Gain insight into this meaning by reading this extraordinary eBook.

  • Discover clues that reveal your true purpose
  • Uncover the meaning behind your personality traits
  • Learn to understand yourself on a deeper, subconscious level

This remarkable eBook gives you the insight you need to more clearly understand your gifts, and the role you were meant to play in this life.

PLUS, you’ll receive hundreds of dollars worth of additional bonus gifts, including my Beyond Body Meditation!

User reviews:

“I entered the secret world of numbers when I met the authors and I am so grateful that I did. I am confident you will be grateful as well.” – Says Peggy McColl

“I’ve discovered strengths I had and I also learned better ways to interact with others based on their numbers…it’s been very beneficial to me.” – Says Mick Petersen