Low self-esteem is the cause of many social problems such as insecurity or depression. People with low self-esteem can lash out in different unhealthy ways. Kleptomania and bullying are two examples of antisocial behavior which can be directly traced to low self-esteem. In certain dire situations, suicide can result from this condition. With the help of this program, you can not only help these people, but even become a certified coach and earn money in the process.

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jrubinoWhat is Self-Esteem Elevation for Adults?

Dr. Joe Rubino has spent the last twenty years as a self-esteem coach and learning how to combat this insidious problem and help his patients live fuller happier lives. His greatest accomplishments are his successes at restoring the self-esteem of his patients and drawing out their potential. And now he has compiled a course in which he trains others in this rewarding field. Self-esteem coaches can earn anywhere from $75-$300 an hour, all from the comfort of their home if they desire, at the pace and schedule they set for themselves.

How Does It Work?

Dr. Joe’s course is comprehensive and covers relevant topics for helping specifically adults. Over the duration of the course (2-3 weeks if intensively performed, but a part-time student can take up to a year to complete the materials), the student will make the use of audios and videos as well as an e-book to prepare for the certification exam. Most students of the course pass the test on the first try, but bad test-takers have up to six chances. A certificate issued by The Center for Professional Reinvention will be mailed to the student upon passing the exam.

The Certified Coach in Self Esteem Elevation for Adults shares a lot of material with the Ultimate Self Esteem Formula. If you just want to help yourself, that one is a better choice for you. Furthermore, if you want to work with children instead of adults, check out the Self Esteem Elevation for Children Training Program. Dr. Joe’s Institution will even help certified coaches getting their practice started with attention on attracting clients, if needed.

What Bonuses Do You Get?

An exclusive feature of this course is the bonus material. A question and answer session with Dr. Rubino lets the student get a little closer to him as he delves into the material. Another featured bonus is the collection of meditations and lectures on a variety of topics. Meditations on such topics as Gratitude and Acceptance allow us to take on the world as it is, not just how we would like it to be. But the course is not passive. There are also discussions on Future Visioning and Problem Solving.


There are also deep dives on manifestation, such as health and wealth. These topics allow us to take positive control of our lives and futures. There are also topics on combating negative emotions, which can happen in times of stress. A discussion of Limiting Beliefs looks at how negative thoughts can creep in. The discussion gives techniques on avoiding this and many others.

Another bonus of this program is three teleseminars in which Dr. Joe goes into insightful detail on self-evaluation and to create a meaningful and purposeful plan to move towards optimizing one’s life. Time is spent on the past, present, and future of both you and your career, helping you to forge a path to success.

One more special bonus has been included. A discussion on how to relax and center yourself is included. Reduce stress and learn to enjoy life as it is.

User reviews:

“ I find your course material helps to both deprogram and reprogram my client while in hypnosis.” – Says Heather Carlini

“I listen to your stuff while driving every day and teaching others. ” – Says Richard Stanley

Bonus: Immortology Hypnosis Series


If you order the Self-Esteem Elevation For Adults program through my link, I will give you one of my meditations as a bonus gift! Just choose which one you want out of the 9 guided meditations. Each meditation is about 1 hour long, and has a value of $11.11. How to claim your gift:

  1. Order the Self-Esteem Elevation For Adults program below
  2. Choose one audio from the Immortology Hypnosis Series
  3. Contact me with your Clickbank order number


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