The human mind has been described as the most complex computer ever made. Yet studies show that the vast majority of us barely scratch the surface of the enormous potential held by our brains. According to Eric Taller, the creator of Thought Elevators, you can learn to reprogram your mind so that it performs at its optimal level and thereby achieve remarkable success and prosperity.

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thoughtelevators3What Exactly is Thought Elevators?

Thought Elevators is a series of techniques or rather a blueprint for leading a successful life through renewing your mind. The concept draws a lot from transcendental meditation. When most people meditate, they relax their bodies and their mind enters a state of quietude that is almost equivalent to daydreaming. This is the Alpha state. Some oriental monks who have mastered the technique of meditation are able to attain a much deeper state known as the Theta state. It is equivalent to the state of your mind during hypnosis.

Your brain can only be reformed if you are able to transport it to the Theta state of consciousness. You could achieve this level after many years of transcendental meditation. But there is no guarantee. Eric Taller’s Thought Elevators system is based on some very revolutionary study carried out at Stanford. It makes it possible for anyone to achieve the Theta state in a matter of hours, not years!

The Four Steps to Theta Consciousness

Taller calls his Thought Elevators system the “Lazy Man’s Trick” to achieve Theta consciousness. There are 4 steps to it

Step 1: Clean Slate Mind

This step teaches you how to clear your mind of all stress and worries. Taller uses a very simple trick. Without going into details of the method, you will need a pen, a piece of paper and an empty drawer. You have to begin by listing everything that has been stressing you. Taller then guides you to a simple move which tricks your mind to forget all your worries in an instant.

Step 2: Priming the Positivity Pump

This step is based on the precept that you can only attract success in life by sending positive energy to the universe. This begins to happen when you fill your mind with positive thoughts. However, this is easier said than done. After all, you can’t just go about thinking happy thoughts. That is why Taller introduces a simple trick that will enable you intuitively reprogram your mind so it starts sending positive signals to the universe.

Step 3: “Daytime Dreaming” Visualization Techniques

If you have dabbled in meditation, you will have heard about the power of visualization in elevating your mind. However, why is it that this apparently powerful tool often fails to deliver any results? The answer is that most of the visualization techniques being pushed by meditation “gurus” are outdated and ineffective for someone living in the contemporary world. Mr Taller however introduces a set of techniques he calls “Daytime Dreaming” which he borrowed from a monastery in Eastern Asia. It makes powerful and effective visualization almost intuitive. It also virtually guarantees you will be able to transition to the next step:

Step 4: Elevation to the Theta State

This is the elixir you have been seeking for all along. The state where you will be able to enter a level of consciousness unlike anything you have ever felt in the past. You will not only manage to reshape your mind but you will find success coming your way in multiple fashions. And, of course, your desires will start manifesting in ways you never conceived of before.


What is Included in the Thought Elevators System?

The Thought Elevators system is an all-round package aimed at helping you achieve success in your life. These are the elements included in the package:

1. Thought Elevators PDF Guide

A handy PDF guide which guides you into all aspects of the Thoughts Elevators system. It shows you how to apply the techniques to achieve success in life and get the most of your investment.

2. Thought Elevators Videos

This is a series of nine videos with specific methods and tricks to help you achieve success in every area of life. They are:-

i. Health And Healing: Learn to tap into a special force within you, harness the energy of the universe to get rid of any physical or mental ailment in record time.

ii. Wealth and Money: Learn how your thought patterns and thought processes learned in your youth have been negatively affecting how you attract and manage money as well as your career progression. Get rid of these retarding forces and be on an expressway to wealth and success.

iii. Energy: Learn to get rid of fatigue and lack of motivation. Harness special energy to face any daunting tasks

iv. Your Ideal Partner: Finally learn how to stop the vicious cycle of attracting the wrong people in your romantic life.

v. Relationships: Cultivate and grow long term relationships at work, in the family and around your social circles

vi. Your Ideal Weight: Have you been struggling to get an ideal figure? With this thought elevator you will be able to achieve effective and long lasting fitness results in record time.

vii. Anxiety and Stress Relief: If you are overwhelmed by all the stress in your life you only need to begin applying this thought elevator. You will learn how to harness positive energy within and around you to counter any stressful situation

viii. Accelerated Learning: Open up your mind to learn new skills and concepts with consummate ease

ix. Business Success: You can be as successful in business as you ever wanted to be. Here is a thought elevator which will make you a genius in making investment choices and profitability models you never thought were possible.

3. Free your Mind Masterclass Videos and PDF
Learn special tricks and techniques to free your mind from negativity and stress. Available in PDF and Video formats

4. FREE Bonuses

The Thought Elevators System includes FIVE (5) free bonuses

i. “Success While You Sleep” Meditation Tracks

ii. “How to Plant a Money Tree”- a special PDF report

iii. “Recognizing Your Soulmate” PDF guide

iv. “I Love Myself” Workbook

v. “Manifesting Health for Boomers” eBook

The important question at this point is whether thought elevators works or it is just another scam. There are many buyers who have tested the system and it has delivered amazing results. But if you are cautious still, there is nothing for you to lose. You buy the product backed by an unconditional, Total Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee. If you are dissatisfied with the results of the program, you will receive a 100% refund!

User reviews:

“Eric, your Thought Elevators pulled me out of a ten year slump!” – Says Ted

“Thought Elevators changed me from unhappy and hopeless, to happy and successful.” – Says Bryan

Bonus: Immortology Hypnosis Series


If you order the Thought Elevators program through my link, I will give you one of my meditations as a bonus gift! Just choose which one you want out of the 9 guided meditations. Each meditation is about 1 hour long, and has a value of $11.11. How to claim your gift:

  1. Order the Thought Elevators program below
  2. Choose one audio from the Immortology Hypnosis Series
  3. Contact me with your Clickbank order number


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