Did you notice that when you start off the day on the wrong foot, usually your whole day also gets ruined? Just like every day is defined by how you start it, your journey in life is also defined by where and how you take your next step. And how you live each day defines how you live your whole life, because your lifetime consists of individual days.

This means that if you can start off your day with the right mindset and with a positive attitude, your whole life will take a different turn. The Time For My Life 365 Stepping Stones, a new book by Thea Westra, helps you exactly in that. Read on to find out how this book can help you in everyday life.

Official Website: www.timeformylife.com

What Is The Time For My Life 365 Stepping Stones?

The purpose of this book is to replace negative thoughts with positive ones, instead of trying to remove them, because that’s much harder or sometimes even impossible. The author of this book is Thea Westra, who lives in Australia from where she’s sharing her positive, thought provoking content on her blog, Forward Steps.

How Does It Work

Just like the name of her blog suggests, Thea is sharing her ideas one-by-one on a daily basis in this book, so that you can take a step towards a better life each day. These concise pieces of wisdom will help you replace your thoughts in a systematic way. In the book, there’s one page for each day, with the following structure:

Stepping Stone
This is the theoretical part of the daily advice, something to contemplate on and consider. It’s like a power bar that you eat in the morning, giving you energy for the whole day.

These are the specific activities connected to the stepping stones. After all, it’s not enough to just think better thoughts, you need to take better actions too.

These are some more courageous actions, perhaps something you didn’t dare to do before. These challenges will help you step out of your comfort zone towards a more challenging and adventorous life.

These are short quotes taken from other authors that will help you see life in a different light, and will also inspire you to take action and take on the challenges.

Thea reminds you each day to pay attention to your environment, as it highly influences how you feel yourself. These are short actions that help to minimalize your lifestyle and to have more clarity in general.

Self-inquiry is an important part of the process of advancing to a healthier and more fulfilling life. These questions hold a mirror to yourself, they help you find out what you really want and need.

It’s not enough to use the contents of this book only in the morning, you need to remind yourself of the steps all through the day. You can write down these affirmations on small notes and take them with you whereever you go.


I like that this book takes a systematic approach to changing your life. We often hear good advice, the problem is that usually we don’t implement it in our lives. Getting into a habit of reading a new page can help tremendously in implementation, just like the specific action steps and activities prescribed here.


I found that sometimes the theories and the activities are not fully in alignment with each other, which can be confusing for some people. As most people find it hard to concentrate, it can also be hard to have something new to do or think about each day, instead of focusing on just one or two things.


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