According to Wikipedia, self-esteem is defined as a person’s subjective evaluation of their worth. Self-esteem is a key factor in many facets of everyone’s life, including interpersonal relationships, job satisfaction, marriage and even health. Joe Rubino’s Ultimate Self Esteem Formula deals with the task of removing the internal obstacles in what he terms your “cellular memory” which impact your self-esteem and allow you to maximize your potential in your life.

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jrubinoWhat Is The Ultimate Self Esteem Formula All About?

Negative self-esteem can make an otherwise capable person impotent and unconfident. The course outlines how to address negative self-esteem by finding the source of the problem. He states that negative emotions, caused by events in your past and possibly fears of the future, are cellular memories. His course addresses a method of reformatting that negative cellular memory, clearing up negative thoughts and emotions.

Following the seven steps will remove negative feelings and emotions. Fears will subside, and your natural positive emotions and energy will be allowed to run free, maximizing your potential and giving you a full, productive and happy life with the help of the Ultimate Self Esteem Formula.

How Does The Program Work?

The first step is identifying the source of negative emotion, or cellular memories, using self-evaluation techniques. Rubino describes how to use what he calls Cognitive Restructuring to change those negative memories and emotions to positive ones. The course outlines how to utilize previously untapped potential to redefine your self-image moving forward, no longer hampered by events in the past or fears of what is to come.

The doctor shares many tips in this area, allowing an individual to use what Dr. Joe Rubino calls power sourcing, to find happy events and previously unknown and unused sources of happiness and potential, to redefine their self-image, curing negative emotions, so they no longer stand in the way of living a healthy life. Having close friends and a happy marriage as well as being productive and taking pride in one’s work, which then reinforces the real feelings, creating a light cycle of self-fulfillment.


The course is comprehensive in its restructuring of real feelings and how to live life successfully. Tips such as a primer on self-image design, ensuring no slipping back into bad habits (or emotions) for a student of this course. Pointed topics such as lessons on self-image creation give everyone the tools on moving forward in life.

The Ultimate Self Esteem Formula does not just give you this information in a vacuum, but explains how to apply these concepts in often overlooked areas. The importance of physical well-being is covered as well as how to develop the mental certainty and clarity for clear communication.

selfesteem2A valuable part of the Ultimate Self Esteem Formula focuses on subtle applications of self-esteem, ensuring success. A section on commitment is very useful and when practiced and applied diligently is self-sustaining. Commitment to the process breeds success, which leads to reinforcement of good feelings which, in turn, encourages responsibility.

Tools on avoiding negative emotions are also included. How to avoid worrying, handling stress, avoiding nervousness and much more is contained in this life-changing course.

What Is Included in The Course?

  • The Self-Esteem Book: The backbone of the program, a 157 pages long PDF ebook
  • The Self-Esteem Work Book: A complementary ebook full of exercises
  • The #1 Ingredient for Success and Happiness in Life: An hour long video by the author
  • Achieve All Your Dreams with The Self-Esteem System: An hour long video interview with Dr. Rubino
  • The Self-Esteem Audio Book: The main course book in mp3 format
  • Meditations for Manifestation: An mp3 guided meditation by The Mind Body Training Company
  • Self-Esteem, Inner Peace and World Peace: Another complementary mp3 audio

User reviews:

“For the first time in 28 years, I actually like myself!” – Says Brenda

“Dr. Joe’s work allowed me to break through the limitations and leave all the pain behind.” – Says John

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