Childbirth and an entry into motherhood, especially for the first time for an expecting woman, can be a nerve wracking experience both from a mental and physical standpoint. While bringing a new child into the world is truly a unique and exciting experience for both parents that brings a great amount of joy, and happiness into their lives, the experience can be draining. Having the access to the knowledge that has been proven to work with childbirths throughout hundreds of years can be invaluable to a mother and couple going through a pregnancy. Instead of searching for answers to every potential issue that may arise during the pregnancy, and being forced to be more reactive than proactive during the process, there is a great solution to mothers, of all types, that will help provide them with the opportunity to experience only the joys of childbirth and few of the downsides.

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bailey-gaddisDailyOM’s Utilizing Ancient Birthing Wisdom course, designed by Bailey Gaddis, is truly a must have and its price is something that hardly anyone else can match in terms of the value you get for the money you pay. Bailey Gaddis, the course’s founder is a mother, educator on the subject of HypnoBirthing, she is certified as a birth Doula as well as a certified Hypnotherapist. Gaddis is also the founder of the Ojai Valley Birth collective. As a mother who experienced various challenges on her way to motherhood, Gaddis devoted her life and career to helping empower other women in the hope she can help inspire them to rise above the fear of childbirth and live feeling empowered, courageous and blissful.

The online course is available on DailyOM’s website and requires that users create a DailyOM account, which is also very useful for mothers as it provides other lessons that cover a variety of remedies for all sorts of medical, emotional problems and it is very valuable for fathers as well as it provides a variety of online courses that are very affordable that can cover feelings that fathers frequently feel during childbirth such as anxiety, stress and many more.

The Utilizing Ancient Birthing Wisdom Course is designed to be an 8 week course with each individual lesson supposed to cover one week. The course encourages mothers to get involved in lessons as they are very interactive and full of assignments to help improve the experience of the pregnancy and later with the birth. The course is certainly not something that mothers will read through various writings or watch a prerecorded lecture, it is a course that is more engaging than most of the others in the marketplace and it requires action on the part of the mother.

It is not simply a course that offers information to the reader that they can choose whether or not to use during their pregnancy and childbirth experience, it consistently requires that those who take the course soak up the knowledge and immediately put it to use. It teaches and provides examples and excercises in the form of meditation and other helpful remedies that should be put to use immediately to help increase the joy of the childbirth experience.

The course comes in eight lessons that are designed to cover eight weeks during childbirth. The first week highlights Spiritual Intention and Introspection, the next covers Magnifying the Intuition, the third covers Utilizing Creation to release inner revelations, next comes Uplifiting story telling, then prenatal bonding, followed by infusing ritual into your own journey and then closed out in the last two weeks by creating a cocoon of support and finally a section on Gravitational Positions.

Though the course is only for a limited period of time, its lessons, interactive activities and secrets that are provided to the mother will ensure that this eight week course provides a base knowledge and processes that will continue to help the mother even after the course has finished. It provides the mother with all the tools she needs to rise above any fear she has and enjoy the beauty of pregnancy, and in the event of another child down the line, the mother is prepared with key values that ensure another happy and joyous pregnancy.


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